Welliver Outdoors is a family owned and run company located in Hershey, PA.  We specialize in the design and manufacture of quality wood birding and lawn and garden products.  We offer a full line of bird houses and feeders, as well as planters and trellises.  In addition to birding items, we offer mason bee and bat houses.  We have been in the manufacturing and distribution business for 25+ years, with the Welliver line launching in 2014.

The company was named after the matriarch of our family, Esther Welliver Dougherty.  “Mimi” loved birds, from the hummingbirds at her kitchen window to the song birds that visited the feeders around the patio.  She even welcomed jays and squirrels to her feeders, as they “scattered seed on the ground for all the other birds”.  It is in this spirit that we strive to provide quality homes and feeders for our feathered friends.